Discovering Algiers, The White city

Discover the unspoiled regions of Algeria

Because of its geographical, historical, cultural, but also human proximity, Algeria is a country close to France that deserves to be discovered or rediscovered. The Mediterranean coastline offers unique landscapes. The culture lover will appreciate the casbahs steeped in history, the relics of conquering civilizations and empires. And the adventurer will discover at the gates of the majestic Sahara the legendary hospitality of the men of the desert.

Algiers, a unique capital of all kind

Visiting the city of Algiers you will find a total change of scenery and surprises at every corner. Nicknamed "The White city" because of the color of its lime buildings in typical French style dating from the colonial era, Algiers has still preserved its historic buildings, and contains many monuments that deserve to be visited. Getting off the ferry in Algiers allows you to discover an African and European capital, which is now open to the world.

Algiers, the multifaceted city

Capital of Algeria, Algiers is an urban unit of several million inhabitants made up of several communes. Founded in the fourth century as a Phoenician counter in Berber country, the city located on the edge of the Mediterranean is divided into several parts: the modern part is built on the plateau at sea level, crowned by the ancient city, including the Casbah (ancient citadel) which overlooks the very numerous districts of this immense city.

Not to be missed in Algiers

The Hamma Test Garden

The Hamma Test Garden

Green jewel of more than 32 hectares located in downtown Algiers, at the foot of the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Test Garden is the lung of the city. Made up of a French garden, a botanical garden with some 3,000 plant species, and its famous "dragon tree alley", the park is a perfect blend of European architecture and oriental flora. A magical experience in the heart of such a big city.

Basilica  Notre Dame d’Afrique

Basilica Notre Dame d’Afrique

On the heights north of the city stands the imposing Notre Dame Basilica, nicknamed "Madame l'Afrique". Designed by a French architect, it is Byzantine style with a Hispano-Moorish interior. This place of worship is the symbol of cultural mixing and religious coexistence in Algeria for several centuries. Renovated by local craftsmen in 2010, the basilica, with exceptional stained glass windows, frescoes crowned with gold and panoramic view of the city will delight visitors in search of spirituality or simply astonishment.

The Casbah

The Casbah

The oldest district of the city, built around the ancient citadel of Algiers, the Casbah is now listed as UNESCO World Heritage.Pur product of Islamic architecture, model of the urbanization of the Arabo medinas Berber, The Casbah is above all a symbol of Algerian culture and the emblem of ancestral craftsmanship.