The Vizzavona, 7th ship of the fleet of CORSICA Linea

Latest ship of the company, specially chartered to meet both the demand of customers of CORSICA Linea and the will of the company of renewal and modernization of its fleet, The Vizzavona navigates under the CORSICA Linea banner since June 2018. She sails between France and Sardinia, Tunisia and Algeria.

Col de vizzavona

The Vizzavona

« Vizzavona » is the name of a forest where Northern and Southern Corsica meet. Epicenter of a verdant Corsica, culminating at 1,163m above sea level, the Vizzavona pass is the meeting point of the « two Corsica » and the focal point of the many faces of the island. The Vizzavona forest is both an essential stop on your trip, and one of the emblems of this surprising island.

Services on board

With 191 cabins and 242 seats, the Vizzavona is equipped with "scrubbers", an eco-friendly flue system. This recent boat is more respectful of the environment and provides the same level of comfort as the other cargo ships of the company: Bar, self service restaurant, outdoor and indoor cabins (including cabins equipped with double beds), lounges with confortable armchairs ... The Vizzavona is ready to welcome you!

Restaurant of the Vizzavona

Catering on board

On deck 7 of the Vizzavona you will find a self-service restaurant seating 388 people. TV areas are placed in your dining area.

Bar of the Vizzavona

Relaxation areas

The ship offers a relaxation area with a bar.

Cabine of the Vizzavona


In the cabin
The Vizzavona has about 191 cabins of different types, depending on your needs. 2 VIP cabins are offered.

In the Lounge
The Vizzavona has 3 lounges with 242 seats available at decks 7 and 8. One of the lounges has televisions.



TV is available in VIP cabins. But also within the self service area and the bar as well as in one of the salons.

Technical characteristics

Vizzavona profile
Vizzavona face