A Galeotta

Currently under construction in the shipyard of Visentini, the delivery of a Galeotta ship is expected in July 2022. It will be the first ship to serve Corsica. A new step of our energy transition that you can follow on https://gnl.corsicalinea.com

A Galeotta is the embem of the maritime culture of the island. It allies tradition and modernity as the symbol of our confidence in the development of the maritime industry of the island. 

A Galeotta is a major evolution in our approach to reduce the impact of our fleet on the environment. 

A Galeotta is the reflection of our environmental and societal involvment which is the spine of CORSICA linea since 2016.

A Galeotta

A Galeotta, 

9th ship to join the CORSICA linea fleet. A Galeotta is named after the admiral ship of the Pascal Paoli's fleet. 

Services on board

A galeotta will offer you several facilities located on the deck 5. All the necessary equipments are available to make your crossing enjoyable. 

All the cabines contain televisions, wich will enable you to enjoy an entertainment service on-demand, freely. (films, documentary...) in addition with the traditionnal tv channel. 

Our cabins 

Relaxation areas

The ship is equipped with a bar area which welcomes you as soon as you arrive on board, it also includes a snack bar which offers pizzas, paninis and desserts, for small appetites during the trip.



A Galeotta contains 220 cabins, most of them welcoming 4 people, as well as : 6 luxurious cabin with a double-bed, two retractable bunk beds and a sofa (1 person). There is also 6 regular cabin for four people, accessible to disabled people, as well as 4 cabins for 2 people with a double bed. You can also find an accessible seating space with 83 seats. 


You can enjoy an aperitif in our wide and cosy bar. You can also enjoy a cocktail on the deck outside, enjoying the view of Mediterranean sea. Both are accessible at your arrival on board. 

Games for children

A Nepita is equipped with a play area for children near the bar, bridge 7, and also offers amusement games for the older ones, to keep you occupied throughout your crossing!

Technical characteristics