Aboard the Jean Nicoli

The Jean NICOLI was originally designed for long crossings. It offers a level of comfort and services close to the level of the Danielle Casanova.
With a capacity of 1,600 passengers, the ship offers many amenities including a pool and an outdoor bar!

Jean Nicoli 

Jean Nicoli is a Corsican personality born in 1899, teacher in Africa.
Symbol of the Corsican resistance within the Communist Party during the Second World War, he was beheaded for his political commitment in 1943.

Services on board

The boat’s facilities are mostly located on Deck 7. It includes serveral dining areas , a pool bar, an arcade as well as a solarium.

Our cabins 

Restaurant of Jean Nicoli

Catering on board

You can enjoy our different dining areas which include a 250 seats self-service, a snack offering fast food  (such as pizzas and paninis), a 350 seats central bar where you can enjoy refreshments, and an outdoor hut only available in summer.

Snack of Jean Nicoli

Relaxation areas

Several relaxation and leisure areas are available on board : indoor and outdoor bars and a play area dedicated to young children. The Boutique located at Deck 7 offers a wide selection of duty-free items on board. Wether it’s last minute purchase or gift, you will find what you are looking for while saving money !

Cabine of Jean Nicoli


The Jean Nicoli has 198 cabins including a dozen of « Luxe » cabins located on Deck 8, as well as lounges located on Deck 6.
Our cabins are equipped with comfortable mattresses, bed linen, toiletries and a TV with an access to DTT channel package available throughout your trip.


TV & Wi-Fi

You can find a television with a DTT channel package in all cabins and in the ship’s inside bar.
The access to Wi-Fi is charged and available on Decks 5, 6,7 and 8.

Technical characteristics

Jean Nicoli profile
Jean Nicoli face