Your boarding from the port of Propriano

The harbour is located in the city-centre, near the marina. 


GPS coordinates

Lat. 41.677161 / Long. 8.897641

ou N 41° 40' 13.814" / E 8° 53' 56.346"


Discover Propriano

Car access

You arrive from Ajaccio

Join the N196 towards Propriano. Take the road of the Corniche et follow the road signs until you reach the city centre then, follow the road signs indicating the Port de Commerce. 

You arrive from Bonifacio

Join the N196 road to Propriano / Ajaccio then, go on to the centre of Propriano. 

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Pedestrian access

Single access
Whether you are a pedestrian or a motorist, the departure from Propriano is made by the same terminal, on the commercial port.