Aborad the Paglia Orba

The Paglia Orba is a mixed cargo ship of the company put into circulation in 1994, whose common areas were completely redone in early 2017. It provides the link between Marseille and Propriano throughout the year. year, as well as the Marseille - Ajaccio link from mid-June to mid-September.

Paglia Orba

Mountain of 2525 meters above sea level, is one of the emblems of Corsica. Located in the heart of the Regional Natural Park, with its steep slopes, it dominates the upper valley of Niolu. Its characteristic silhouette sometimes gives it the nickname "Cervin Corse" which means "the queen of the mountains". 

Services on board

The ship offers many amenities dedicated to the reception and comfort of passengers: restaurant and bar, children's area...

Our cabins 

Restaurant of Paglia Orba

Catering on board

The Paglia Orba offers passengers 2 catering areas: a restaurant with 187 seats; a snack where you can find pasta, pizzas, chips, candy bars and sweets

Cabine of Paglia Orba


Paglia Orba has 141 cabins for 2-4 people. Bottles of water, sheets, seriviettes and shampoos are at the disposal of the passengers for a maximum of comfort.
The ship also offers a lounge seating 48 seats.

Wi-Fi access

TV & Wi-Fi

Television (TNT) is available in the cabins and inside the bar inside the ship.
Wi-Fi (for a fee) is available at the bar and restaurant and at Bridge 4.

Kid space

Relaxation areas

In the boat, you will find: a bar where you can have an aperitif on a musical background; a play area for children; spaces with armchair in common espcaes.

Technical characteristics

Paglia Orba profile
Paglia Orba face