Restaurants that also transport you to your favorite destination with typical dishes!


Saut de paragraphe

Respect for seasonality, short circuit and "made on board" on the menu!

Emblematic products of the “Corsica” destination in our restaurants, “flagship” recipes, signed by Chef Romuald ROYER: the menu benefits from the experience of the Chef, who regularly disseminates his know-how to our “cooking” teams. "

Our objective ? Treat yourself, by offering you a gourmet journey to the flavors of the Mediterranean, the time of your crossing between Corsica and the Continent.

On your plate, find the know-how of Corsican artisans and producers.

On the go or at the table, with family or friends, there will be something for all tastes and all budgets!


Because customer satisfaction is a priority, we are committed to offering a menu that aligns with the culinary traditions and cultures of our passengers.

Therefore, on our North Africa routes, we offer dishes prepared from raw materials (beef, chicken, lamb) slaughtered according to Halal ritual and adhering to the strictest hygiene standards.

On board, pay your consumption with ease, CORSICA linea accepts credit cards from € 1!

To pre-pay for your meals, select the option that suits you when making your reservation.

For travelers heading to Corsica, Algeria or Tunisia, prepaid dining options are available for your journey, with packages tailored for both children and adults.

Have you already booked your crossing? Call +33 (0)825 88 80 88 (€ 0.15 tax inclu. / mn) to add your package to your journey.