Registration & boarding for a crossing on our ships

Presentation Time

The times of presentation and the check-in deadlines are mentioned on your travel document, whether you are a pedestrian passenger or on board a vehicle.
As a general rule, pedestrians must arrive 1 hour before the scheduled date of embarkation and vehicles, 1h30.

This information will be confirmed in a text message sent the day of departure. 

On the North African lines (Tunisia and Algeria) pedestrians must present themselves two hours before boarding and for cars three hours.
In addition, check your e-mails and your phone before leaving, the company will provide you with any additional information.



Our reception staff and the control authorities are present on the platforms as well as at the ferry terminal to direct you to your boat.

Visuel homme à pied pour embarquer

 If you are pedestrian

1- Meet at the maritime station with your ID and your ticket. The receptionist will give you your personal documents, allowing you to access your installation and your coupons to exchange for your meals in the restaurant if you wanted to take advantage of the offer during your booking.
2- Once security checks have been made by the port authorities, you will have to board the shuttle that will take you to the ship.
Attention, it is forbidden to walk alone and without accreditation inside the harbor enclosures
3- Upon arrival of the arrival shuttle, the crew will guide you inside the boat. If your ticket carries your cabin access code, you can go directly to it. Otherwise, go to the info point of the ship or you will be given your access card.

Depending on the port (Propriano or Île Rousse for example) there may not be a shuttle available for pedestrians.

If you are traveling with your vehicle

1- After passing the boarding gate with your vehicle, you can go to the check-in desks, with your ID and ticket. An agent will give you your personal documents which will allow you to access the boat, then to your installation as well as your coupons to redeem for your meals at the restaurant if you wished to take advantage of the offer during your reservation.

2- Once the security checks have been carried out by the port authorities (control of your boarding cards and your vehicle by the security agents), you can join your ship.

3-  On arrival on board, the crew will guide you inside the boat and give you parking instructions. If your ticket has your cabin access code, you can go there directly. Otherwise, go to the ship's info point where you will be given your access card.

For vehicles running on LPG, only those equipped with a safety valve are allowed on board ships. For reasons of safety and respect for transport capacity, our staff is sometimes forced to leave only a minimum space between vehicles. When making your reservation and from the start of the boarding control operations, do not hesitate to report any handicap or any difficulties so that the on-board team can help you.
You can leave your luggage inside your vehicle

For safety reasons and except in cases of force majeure, you will not have access to your vehicle during the crossing.

For any request for assistance or declaration of needs, take care when making your reservation or at least 48 hours before your departure, to contact +33 (0) 810 006 538 (price of a local call + 6cts / minute) or by email to



At the arrival of the ship, the announcements made on board will tell you the procedures to reach your vehicle or the shuttle for pedestrians. Please note that depending on the port of arrival, there may not be a pedestrian shuttle available
In order to avoid pollution and unnecessary noise, motorists are asked to wait for instructions before starting the vehicles.
In general, the landing does not exceed 30 minutes
For passengers who want to save time, the "priority disembarkation" offer allows them to board at the last minute and disembark first. The offer is available on the CORSICA linea crossings at the ports of Bastia, Ajaccio, Marseille and Île Rousse


In order to guarantee you the best quality of service and information, you are invited (at the time of your reservation) to indicate a telephone number (preferably mobile), which will enable you to be alerted to the advance of possible traffic disturbances related in particular to the meteorological conditions.

Traffic info: +33 (0)825 80 76 26 (€ 0,15 tax inclu. / mn).