Become an advertiser with CORSICA linea and seduce a captive audience!

With a high purchasing power, anxious and impatient to discover the charms and beauty of Corsica or the Maghreb, the company's clientele is, during its crossing, particularly receptive to brand messages, especially those showing authenticity and enhancing the terroir and traditional know-how.

Advertising formats

Depending on your expectations and your budget, Corsica Linea offers advertising formats tailored to your marketing & communication objectives.

Communications supports

Communications supports of the company

Give yourself visibility in "Native Advertising" formats with our advertising inserts on bars and restaurants maps, documents and tickets or push communication on our passenger databases (emails, enewsletter, facebook posts...).

Distribution / sampling

Distribution / sampling

Distribute leaflets and samples of your products during the waiting time at the port or in the cabin and make discover your offer to the greatest number.
Our advice: integrate a promotional offer to promote the purchase and allow you an easy calculation of your return on investment.

Onboard display

Onboard display

Presence of 80x60 cm portrait posters in several high-traffic strategic locations: reception, corridors, bar and restaurant areas, relaxation areas...


Sales & distribution of your products

550,000 passengers are all consumers of your products.
The shops, placed in the essential places of passage of the ships can help you to reach a new public.

Do not hesitate to offer your services to the company always looking for authenticity and originality.

TV screen

TV spots

Ships have screens on which the legal safety information is rotated.
Between rotations, you can broadcast your promotional spot according to the format that interests you:

  • 10'' : the short and impacting format to publicize your product (see an example);
  • 30'' : format of the classic television spot, this format allows you to present the first features and highlights of your product;
  • 1' : the first format that allows you to tell your story and creates an attachment to your brand. (see an example);
  • 1'30'' (see an example);
  • 2' (see an example).
Event operations

Event operations

You want to promote your brand in an original way and to create a privileged contact with the passengers of the ships of CORSICA linea.
Organize an event operation on board the boats: distribution of samples and goodies, animation through games and quizzes ... or have a space to deploy the booth dedicated to your brand.

Your imagination is the only limit!

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To find out more about advertising solutions, contact the CorsicaCom advertising agency: CorsicaCom