Marseille - Algiers by ferry

Crossings all year !

CORSICA linea provides 1 trip per week from Marseille to Algiers. During the summer season of July August there are more crossings (between 2 and 3 trips per week)

Get settled, the holidays start
Get settled, the holidays start. The crossing between Marseille and Algiers is for a period of 22 hours, the company allows you to travel in the best possible conditions: facilities - private cabin or armchair - are available to ensure a good night's sleep. The cabins with porthole and sanitary complete with TV.
With special menus guaranteed halal in our restaurants and snacks, outdoor spaces to aerate, a WiFi connection in common areas, everything is designed for a relaxing trip.

Ships bound for the Maghreb

The Danielle Casanova and the Mediterranean are the two ferries that provide crossing between Marseille and the Maghreb, see now the list of services you will find on board.

Danielle Casanova Méditerranée

The departure is here!

Find all the useful information and plans necessary to access the port of Marseille and Algiers without difficulty.

The port of Marseille The port of Algiers

Prepare your trip

Want to leave, check the schedules of our crossings!
To prepare your trip, access the dates and times of the crossings between Marseille and Algiers, but also the 4 ports served in Corsica, Porto Torres in Sardinia and Tunis for the Maghreb.

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