Your night crossing between Marseille and Ajaccio

One departure per day, from Corsica AND the Mainland!

Looking for a crossing between the Continent and the imperial city?
CORSICA linea provides a daily connection between Marseille and Ajaccio, throughout the year. 

To ensure maximum comfort and allow you to fully enjoy your stay, the trip is carried out at night for a period of about 12 hours.

Book your installation, in a private cabin or in a wheelchair, for a comfortable crossing.

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Ships to Ajaccio

Depending on the dates of travel, you will sail aboard one of our connecting vessels: the Paglia Orba or the Jean Nicoli.
Catering, facilities, get immediate practical information on your CORSICA linea ships.

Paglia Orba Jean Nicoli

Make your boarding easier

The port of Ajaccio, located at the entrance of the city opposite the railway station, is very easy to access. Find all the information and access conditions to the ports of Marseille and Ajaccio, made available by CORSICA linea for a journey that begins serenely.

The port of Ajaccio The port of Marseille

Prepare your trip

Find all the schedules of our crossings, to Ajaccio, but also Bastia, Ile-Rousse and Porto-Vecchio.

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