Your pet is travelling in a dedicated area !

Regulatory information

Starting on 6/11/2018 and for all CORSICA linea lines departures, animals are no longer allowed into the passengers area of the ships. For hygiene and security measures but also to ensure their well being, they are now welcome into our kennel areas.

Do not forget to select this option while booking your trip (kennel area with supplement). Guide dogs and assistance dogs accompagying their masters are allowed without any additional billing. They are also allowed into the passengers areas (cabins), including the areas where the restauration services are located.

The kennel area opens and is accessible shortly before arrival to the port, right after the garage opening. It is the master's responsibility to bring a lock. For safety measures it is not possible to access the kennel area during the crossing. We remind you that animals are not allowed to stay in the cars during the trip.

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Comfort assured

The kennel areas available on all the CORSICA linea ships comply with the health and safety standards in force and are subject to controls of the Veterinary Services.

Kennels are available on Pascal Paoli, Jean Nicoli, A Nepita, Paglia Orba, Monte d'Oro, Danielle Casanova, Vizzavona and Méditerranée.

Secure, ventilated with a water access, your pet will travel in a individual box, in optimal conditions. Cats and small pets will have to travel in transport cages and then placed in adapted boxes.



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Your pet must also have his papers!

You must report the presence of your pet during your booking and boarding control. It is imperative to present a health or European passport with updated vaccines and anti-parasite treatments (health certificate with vaccines up to date), even for puppies and kittens.
It is advisable to consult your veterinarian regarding the ability of your pet to travel.

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International travel

It is recommended that you inquire with the competent health and veterinary services on the regulations in force in the countries of departure and arrival.

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  • Dogs of 1st category, being legally prohibited in the public spaces including the kennels, they are not authorized to travel on the ships of the company.
  • 2nd category dogs must wear a muzzle and be placed in the kennel.