Aboard the ferry Mediterranée

As the car-ferry ensuring  the connection between Marseilles and the Maghreb, The Mediterranée  is the most important ship of Corsica Linea. Providing quite lengthy crossings - about 22 hours - the ship offers many services designed to maximize the comfort of travelers.

The crossings


The Mediterranean Sea

Link between Antiquity and Europe, North Africa and Asia, the Mediterranean Sea has played a fundamental role in the development of Western civilization, particularly through maritime transport, which favors the exchange of commercial and cultural relations between peoples.

Services on board

Among the ship's facilities, there are two bars, three dining areas, seating areas armchairs, one of which is provided with a place of prayer. The Mediterranée is designed to offer its passengers the most enjoyable crossings possible.

Méditerranée's self

Catering spaces on board

The Madrague restaurant, located at deck 8, invites you to its table for dinner and lunch during long crossings. The Sirocco, the largest bar on the ship is also located at Deck 8. With its cool drinks and a light catering service, it is open during the day and until late at night. The snack bar and its pizzas await you on deck 8, like the self-service.

Méditerranée's Solarium

Relaxation areas

Places of life & comfort are present within the ship.
Access the VOD service in all the common areas of the Mediterranean to entertain you during your trip.
Do not hesitate to visit the outdoor decks to breathe the sea air.

Méditerranée's cabin


The Mediterranée is the largest car ferry of the CORSICA linea, it has about 486 cabins, from 1 to 4 beds, to occupy alone, with family or to share during the crossing time (single-sex cabins). The cabins are located between the decks 5 and 9. All the cabins are equipped with sheets, you will find soaps and towels in the cabins equipped with washbasins; a set of toiletries: shower gel, shampoo and towels in those equipped with private bathrooms. A lounge with armchairs, seating for 320, is available to travelers who do not wish to travel in the cabin, it is located on deck 6.


TV & Wi-Fi

TV (TNT) is available in the cabins with porthole, as well as at the bar.
Passengers have the possibility to access the internet via a Wi-Fi service (paying). 
Access to television is also available in the bar.

Technical characteristics

Méditerranée seen from profile
Méditerranée seen from the front