Your ferry crossing between Marseille and Corsica

The love story between Marseille and Corsica is not new. It is even said that the Phocaean city is the first Corsican city. The history of Marseille is closely linked to that of Corsica, the Phocaeans, creators of ancient Massalia, were also at the origin of the city of Alalia on the east coast of the island, now Aleria.

Marseille is a natural gateway

Marseille is historically the natural port to go to Corsica by boat.

The position of Marseille in the heart of the south of France, perfectly served by the highways coming from all the cities of France is ideal.

Corsica by ferry from Marseille

From the port of Marseille, we serve the port of Bastia on a daily basis and all year round and every other day on the port of Ajaccio. The rotations of the CORSICA linea ferries to Ile Rousse and Propriano with 3 departures per week complete the service to the island from the largest city in the south of France.

The connections are generally night crossings (in high season, day crossings make it possible to double the traffic to reach your vacation spot even more easily).

The crossings last approximately 10 hours and allow you to appreciate the welcome and the sense of hospitality of our on-board staff, as well as the quality of all the services available for you on our boats.



From Corsica to Marseille

The port of Marseille is also one of the most "obvious" for Corsicans traveling to the mainland with their vehicles. Upon exiting the ferry, the highway allows you to choose various directions: towards Lyon and the Alps, north to Paris, west to Spain or the Pyrenees, or east to Toulon, which is now less than a 45-minute drive away thanks to the various tunnels in place.

Multiple Boarding Locations

Historically, boarding for ferries to Corsica from Marseille is done from the Joliette port. Easily accessible from the different highways leading to the city, La Joliette has undergone significant development and modernization.
Note that some departures are made from more distant docks in the extensive Marseille port. Access is then through "Porte3" and "Porte 4," a bit further north of La Joliette. The entrance to the Marseille port allows you to avoid entering the city center, unlike the ports of Toulon and Nice.

Take Time to Explore Before Boarding

The new La Joliette district offers an even more comfortable waiting area before your Corsican ferry departure. The district has undergone a genuine transformation in recent years. This renewal is reflected in a highly pleasant living environment with essential cultural discoveries, particularly enjoyable living spaces, and a variety of new shops. Between the MuCEM, the Major Cathedral, the new Docks, the "Terrasses du Port" shopping center, and the Joliette quayside promenade, there are numerous places to explore while waiting for your ferry.