Ile Rousse, just by the sea

Located in the heart of Balagne, between Calvi and Saint Florent, Ile Rousse is the second city of this beautiful tourist region in the northwest of the island.
The port of Ile Rousse is the one that allows you to connect this beautiful region to the port of Marseille.

Ile Rousse, a new town wanted by Pascal Paoli

The history of Ile Rousse is closely linked to the one of Calvi.
Despite the traces of ancient occupation, the city as we can see it today appeared by the will of Pasquale Paoli, the father of the Corsican nation in the eighteenth century, to counter the city of Calvi and its loyalty in Genoa. Pascal Paoli decided to make this place a large commercial port allowing trade from Balagne.
Even today, we talk about Paoli’s city when referring to Ile Rousse.      
It has become a beautiful seaside resort, a real port of entry to Balagne.

A very wide choice for tourists

Ile Rousse is the seafront of a superb and rich region, made of old villages perched on the mountains of the hinterland.
Offering magnificent beaches but also a dense and varied cultural life and a rich arts and crafts tradition, the Ile Rousse region is a safe bet of Corsican tourism, particularly appreciated by families.

Not to be missed : Ile Rousse and its region

the covered market

The streets around the covered market

Real lung of the city, this district is made of small lively streets where one walks pleasantly around the beaches, Place Paoli and the port. Many shops allow all kinds of purchases. And of course, you have to go to the city's covered market in the morning to discover all the local regional products.

The peninsula of Pietra

The peninsula of Pietra

The peninsula gave the name of Ile Rousse (Red Island) to the city. From this promontory of red granite one enjoys a superb view over the city and the whole region. Best to be discovered at dawn when the sun rises on the Cap Corse and of course during the famous sunsets.


The old villages of Balagne

Remember to spend at least one day discovering the old villages that surround the city, starting of course with Monticello and its unique panorama.
Go and visit also the village of Sant'Antonino, its alleys, its arches, its unique point of view and its famous lemonade.
And do not forget the village of Pigna which really deserves a visit. This famous place for Corsican culture will undoubtedly seduce you, like the farthest village of Speloncato and its superb baroque bell tower.