Discover the capital of Lesser Kabylia

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Algeria and enjoying a remarkable port site that has contributed to its prosperity over the centuries, Béjaïa is still a major port. At the heart of the Kabyle Corniche, it is an outstanding ecological site whose coastline which extends on both sides of the city shows splendid landscapes.

Bejaia prosperous Berber city

Known in Europe for the quality of her candles made of beeswax, Bejaia gave the name "Bougie" to French for "candel". The city of Béjaïa is one of the largest cities of Kabylie, emblematic region of northern Algeria. Very prosperous city of the mediterranean periphery in the Middle Ages and capital of the great Muslim dynasties, Béjaïa is one of the cultural and commercial centers of the Mediterranean.. 

To do in Bejaia

The Casbah of Bejaia

Like many cities in Algeria, Bejaia has its Casbah. This citadel of medieval times has an original architecture, with its wall of red stones cleverly arranged and part of the Casbah has now been converted into a library that will delight both the historian and the visitor.

Gouraya National Park

Natural park with wild and preserved nature, this site classified by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve is an enchantment for its visitors. Beaches of fine sand, crystalline seas and endemic species - like monkeys in freedom - make it a paradisiacal place. A must for nature lovers.

Kefrida Waterfalls

Located on a mountain pass between two peaks, these waterfalls, the highest of which rises to 50 meters, are well worth a visit. About thirty kilometers from the city of Bejaia, this place out of time allows a real change of scenery. The majestic trees and cool water will offer you an alternative to the warm seaside beaches.