Travel from Sète and Skikda

In June and Septembre 2023, corsica linea serves the port of Sète and Skikda.

Site back and enjoy the crossing !

CORSICA linea has reunited the best possible conditions to enable the passengers to spend an enjoyable 24-hour crossing. On board, private and common facilities are available such as private cabins, armchair room as well as bars and catering areas. At the restaurant, the menus have been specially elaborated to guarantee 100% Halal courses. You can also enjoy the outdoor spaces to get some fresh air and admire the sea view.


Facilitate your boarding

CORSICA linea provides you all the information required to gain access to the port of Sète and Skikda.
If t’s your first crossing, we will give you a list of information as well as the formalities to complete for your trip abroad.

The port of Bejaia The port of Bejaia

Prepare your trip

Want to leave, check the schedules of our crossings!
To prepare your trip, access the dates and times of the crossings between Marseille and Algiers, but also the 4 ports served in Corsica, Porto Torres in Sardinia and Tunis for the Maghreb.

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