Your boat crossing towards Bastia from Marseille

One departure per day, from Corsica AND the Mainland !

Travel without worries between Marseille and Bastia all year round with CORSICA linea! The company ensures a departure every other day from the Continent, whatever the season. Book your trip now!

The crossing between Marseille and Bastia takes place at night, and lasts about 12 hours. Ships are equipped with different types of facilities for your comfort - private cabins and lounge chair - as well as a bar and restaurant for your meals and snacks on board.

Your ships to Bastia

Pascal Paoli and Vizzavona are your CORSICA linea vessels dedicated to liason between Marseille and Bastia. These mixed freighters offer a whole range of services on board - catering, snacking, children's spaces, ... you can consult the complete list online

Pascal Paoli Paglia Orba Vizzavona A Galeotta

Make your boarding easier

Consult in advance all the information and conditions of access to the ports of Marseille and Bastia, for a departure in peace.

The port of Marseille The port of Bastia

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