Prepare for your crossing to Algeria and Tunisia

Trips to the Maghreb may require special provisions on the part of the company, the port authorities and countries of destination, related to the exit of the French territory.

Control formalities

Entry into Tunisia and Algeria is subject to the presentation of a valid passport for all passengers including children unless they are shown on the passport of one of the parents making the trip.


Travels in Algeria

For Algeria, a VISA is necessary for certain nationalities, in particular European nationals.

IMPORTANT: temporary or definitive restrictions and specific formalities are sometimes applicable to the entry into the territory of the countries of North Africa and the European territory (formalities applicable to the passengers, their vehicles, their luggage, the goods and to pets); they are subject to change at any time by the authorities, and therefore your company CORSICA linea invites you to inquire at consulates, embassies and customs before departure.

The entry into Algeria of certain types of vehicles is subject to customs authorization. We invite passengers to inquire at a consulate or customs before departure.


Travels in Italy

The entry on the Italian territory of the Tunisian minors passengers residing in France and coming from Tunisia is subjected to the following conditions:

  • be registered on one of the passports of the parents accompanying the minor on the crossing or
  • be in possession of a French national identity card or be in possession of a circulation document for a minor foreigner issued by the French authority.

In the absence of these documents, the minor must be in possession of a Tunisian passport and a valid entry visa to Italy.
In the absence of these conditions, the minor passenger will not be admitted. CORSICA linea declines any responsibility in case of repatriation and this at the expense of the passengers.


Health prevention linked to foot-and-mouth disease

It is forbidden to bring back live animals and products of animal origin.
It is also forbidden to throw on board any product of animal origin including sandwiches and leftovers. Know the regulatory provisions (FMD resource link) of your company before your trip.

Before your trip please consult the customs restrictions

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the authorities of the countries of destination.