The port of Algiers as if you were there

At the heart of the commercial port of Algiers, the ferry terminal is located on the pier El-Djazair not far from the railway station of Algiers.


GPS coordinates

Lat. 36.780522 / Long. 3.064201
ou 38.2656 N 36° 46' 38'' / E 3°3'47''


Discover Algiers

Car access

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Take direction Algiers center. Take the street of Angkor. The entrance of the passengers with vehicle is in front of the pier El Djefena.
The circuit begins with a return along the platform No. 8 to the entrance of the ferry terminal of the pier El Djazair, for the first police control. Follow the circuit. The vessel sits alongside Pier 11.

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When you land in the port of Algiers, police and customs checks are expected. Different forms will have to be filled for both pedestrians and passengers with vehicles:

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Pedestrial access

Take the Zirout Youssef boulevard then access the pedestrian footbridge over the railway line facing Tindouf street. After the bridge, take the street of Angkor.
The entrance for pedestrian passengers is just after the car park, before the ferry terminal of the pier El Djazair, opposite platform 11. From the departure room, a footbridge takes you directly to the ship.