By boat: respect for the Vigipirate plan!

Restricted and controlled access

Access to ports and vessels is restricted to persons holding a boarding ticket and valid identification on the date of the crossing. Accompanying persons can not enter the port.

Before boarding the ship, a search of baggage and vehicles is carried out.
A second search is also carried out on board by the security personnel.
CORSICA linea thanks its passengers for their understanding of these enhanced security measures.
The most vulnerable people (pregnant women, the elderly, people with reduced mobility, families with young children...) are invited to speak with the crew to prioritize the controls.

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Panneau informations de sécurité

On board: security and tranquility

Carefully read the posted safety instructions.
When you leave your cabin, make sure your door is securely closed.
If you wish, you can leave your valuables in the on-board safe (information at the information desk).
Security rounds are regularly carried out by the crew.

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Main qui écruiit sur une feuille

Management of dangerous goods

In order to ship safely, thank you kindly take note :

For all goods authorized on board but requiring a declaration, please complete the declaration form for passengers holding weapons, diving equipment and fireworks.

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Reminder: It is strictly forbidden to bring in the accommodation:

  • Firearms & Weapons;
  • Firing devices;
  • Knives of any kind whatsoever;
  • Gas bottles;
  • as well as all the articles whose detention, the port and the transport are regulated by the French legislation (code ISPS / Division 130 / decree of 20/12/16 relating to the safety of ships);
  • for pedestrians on international lines: category D weapons.