Access the port of Ajaccio to board CORSICA linea


At the heart of the bay of Ajaccio, and a few steps from the SNCF station (Port), carriers board by the same access as private travelers.

You arrive from Bastia and South Corsica

Stay in the left lane, at the Alata road, turn left, then continue to square Griffi and join the port.

You arrive from the Sanguinaires road

Take the seaside to the Miolis barracks, the docks and follow the signs "Gare Maritime" to the entrance.


GPS coordinates

Lat. 41.926582 / Long. 8.739195
ou 35.6952 N 41° 55' 35'' / E 8°44'21'' 


Freight port of Ajaccio

Quai L'Herminier - BP 242
20180 Ajaccio

Port of Ajaccio