Propriano, the star of the Gulf of the Valinco

Midway from Ajaccio and Bonifacio, the city of Propriano is a seaside resort that gathers the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches surrounded by the maquis. You can move on foot witch is perfect to explore the city as well as the bars, restaurants and stores. The population has evolved from 150 inhabitants at the XIX century, to over 3 800 today and it can reach between 15 000 and 20 000 inhabitants at summer time. The city is located in the Grand Valinco. Propriano is considered as a maritime frontage of Sartène.

The history of Propriano

Greek, Roman, Pisan and Turkish communities has developed on the present territory of the commune, before the invasion of Vandals in the 5th century and Saracens in the 8th century. Remains in the foundations of the subdivision have revealed the earliest evidence of the Christianization of Corsica. Propriano owes its development in the 19th century to the construction of the road linking Ajaccio to Bonifacio.


Not to be missed in Propriano


Hiking in the Corsican maquis

The rich and varied nature of the Propriano coasts offers the most wonderful landscape between sea and mountains. By bike or on foot the hiking trails of Propriano allow you to admire the most beautiful horizons of the Vallinco region. 

Citadel Propriano

Take a walk on the port

Take a walk on the port and admire the seascape. 


The Tower of Campomoro

Located at 30 minutes from the city of Propriano, on the first floor of one of the island's Genoese towers in the village of Campomoro, you will find a permanent exhibition. After a moment filled with culture, enjoy a walk in the surrounding maquis and the wonderful landscape.