Discover Ajaccio, the most Napoleonic city in Corsica

You will be enraptured by the Ajaccio "Dolce Vita" as soon as you land in the largest city of Corsica.
At the bottom of its magnificent gulf, the city has managed to keep this sweet feeling of Mediterranean life and still provides all the advantages of a modern city.

Landing at Ajaccio means immersing yourself right away in holidays Corsican holidays: café terraces, shaded squares, white sand beaches, historical monuments, markets full of flavors, no doubt, you are on the island of beauty !

The Napoleonic history of the city

Ajaccio was founded by the Genoese, at least in its modern form. They built the citadel that still shows today the entrance to the port of Ajaccio.
They also gave the city its characteristic aspect of Genoese cities, with narrow and colorful streets which you will also find in Bastia, Calvi or Porto Vecchio.
The history of the city took an unexpected turn on August 15, 1769 with the birth of baby Napoleon Bonaparte, who became the emperor of the French and whose fame is still very lively his hometown. Cours Napoléon, Rue du roi de Rome, Avenue du Premier Consul, Place Austerlitz, are all names of places that remind everyone of the meaning of "imperial city".

Ajaccio, most touristic city in Corsica

The city of Ajaccio has everything needed to be one of the main touristic cities in Corsica.With a unique micro climate and beaches right in the city center, the city is a real seaside resort to discover all year round.
You will be charmed by the organization of the city around large squares and walks where it is good to have lunch on the terrace.
The city also has many shops for all purchases of souvenirs but also the most beautiful brands and the best of Corsican crafts.

Not to be missed in Ajaccio

The Bloodthirsty Islands

The Bloodthirsty Islands

At the end of the Sanguinaires road are the islands of the same name. Classified "Grand site of France", they are essential in the visit of Ajaccio.
The walk will also allow you to enjoy the Corsican maquis.
Do not forget to come back to stop on one of the mythical beaches of this road, with famous straw huts restaurants, much-praised by the Ajaccians.

The Fesch museum

The Fesch museum

Visible from the ferry bridge when arriving in the port of Ajaccio, the Musée Fesch is, after the Louvre, the largest French museum dedicated to Italian painting from the 16th to the 18th century. Cardinal Fesch was Napoleon's uncle, which explains why you will find his name everywhere in the city.

The market on the Place des Palmiers

The market on the Place des Palmiers (Place Foch)

Held every day in summer, it is even livelier on weekends when you will find all the flavors, smells, and sounds of a real southern market. Packed with life and excellent products, it is a "must-see" meeting place for visitors and islanders.