Your crossing to Algeria at the best price!

Its landscapes, its culture, its history, Algeria is an incomparable destination. Even more pleasant in the low season, when the temperatures soften, and the streets are emptying, visits and exits are appreciated at another pace. As it is nice to soak up the local atmosphere, and immerse yourself in the heart of this unique destination.

The Escapade FARE allows you to travel at a favorable price, with a round-trip  with 2 passengers, car, and cabin from € 444 per passenger!

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The + :

  • ideal for short stays;
  • rate valid in low season and off-season;
  • valid for crossings up to 7 travelers!
Saut de paragraphe

Conditions of the offer:

  • Maximum length of stay 25 days (departure day and return day included)
  • Our best price: 888 € for a round trip, for 2 adults + 1 car <5m long + 1 interior cabin, sanitary with 2 bunk beds.
  • Return fare from 1 to 7 passengers (with or without vehicle).
  • Mandatory return within the period of validity of the package.
  • Not sold on the day of departure.
  • Full payment within 24h (24h option).
  • Non-modifiable, non-refundable.
  • Not applicable to export vehicles.
  • Valid off-season and low season.
  • Vehicles accepted: cars up to 6m long / vans - 2.10m high and - 9m long / trailers - 4m long and - 1.80m high / motorcycles.
  • Supplement length tax applicable if the length of the vehicle (compared to the dimensions indicated by the manufacturer) is increased by the addition of an accessory (type bike carrier),  throughout the year, regardless of the direction of the crossing.