Porto-Vecchio, dedicated to idleness and water sports!

Porto Vecchio inevitably evokes the most famous beaches of South Corsica, the summer holidays and the night parties.
But Porto Vecchio is also a city with an important past, in a region with a rich mountainous hinterland and preserved traditions. Finally it is a very dynamic sports ground. All in all, Porto Vecchio is a real holiday destination in Corsica for all.

The history of Porto Vecchio

The history of Porto Vecchio is linked to the Genoese desire to exploit the region and the numerous salt marshes. A Genoese citadel was installed to watch the port at the bottom of this vast gulf almost closed. But the development of the city was long and tedious, the living conditions being very difficult. It is only from XVIII century that the city prospered with the installation of the bastion of France.
Really, it is tourism and beaches that have made the city of Salt the third largest city in Corsica.
Porto Vecchio is today the gateway to southern Corsica, between Solenzara, Bonifacio and Alta Rocca.

Not to be missed in Porto Vecchio


The region of Ospedale

As always in Corsica, the mountain is never far from the sea. In only a few tens of minutes, you will have changed landscape. Here you are in the forest of Ospedale, made of pine Lariccio, the famous pine whose species is endemic in Corsica. Ideal place to walk or picnic around the lake and the dam of Ospedale, it is also the gateway to the Bavella mountain range and its famous peaks.

Citadel Porto-vecchio

The upper town and the citadel

The old part of the city has kept the Mediterranean charm of the lively narrow streets, with many shops. Around the main square and the impressive Saint Jean Baptiste church, the old town comes alive late into the night for the pleasure of all visitors.

Beach Porto-Vecchio

The famous beaches of Porto Vecchio

Santa Giulia, Palombaggia, Cala Rossa, Benedettu, Pinarello, Rondinara, the region of Porto Vecchio is full of very well known  beaches and coves. And for good reason ! These beaches compete by their beauty : the different shades of water, pines, sand, warm colored rocks…everything is there to make you want to enjoy a little longer these moments of idleness in the water.