Patronage to build the future

La Marie Do's logo

The association La Marie Do

CORSICA linea is a partner of the association La Marie Do, an association that has led, for more than 10 years, actions in favor of the fight against cancer.

Customers of CORSICA linea can also support the association by making a donation when booking online.

La Marie Do
1 Allée des plages
20166 Porticcio
Phone: +33 7 69 58 90 25

Inseme's logo

The INSEME association

Founded in 2009, the INSEME association supports people living in Corsica who need to travel on the continent for medical reasons.

The association provides administrative assistance, help with finding accommodation, advance fees and financial help.

Association INSEME
3 boulevard du roi Jérôme
20000 Ajaccio
Phone: +33 4 95 20 22 61