Join Porto-Vecchio in one night from Marseille

2 departures per week towards Porto-Vecchio, all year long

Wish to travel? Thanks to CORSICA linea, reach your destination in no time! With more than 10 departures per month to Porto-Vecchio from Marseille, and as many returns, Corsica is all year.

Armchair or private cabin solo, duo or family, make the choice of your installation for the night according to your preferences, and enjoy a comfortable crossing

A daily connection

With a departure every two days from Marseille and Porto-Vecchio, a daily connection is provided between these two ports. Be sure to reach your destination easily, all year long.

Marseille - La Corse

Make your boarding easier

To save time when boarding, the first leg of the trip, consult in advance the conditions of access to the ports of Marseille and Porto-Vecchio.

The port of Porto-Vecchio The port of Marseille

Corsica all the year

The dates and times of the crossings between Marseille and Porto-Vecchio are here! As well as the other destinations of Corica Linea in Corsica and Sardinia.

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