Your crossing between Corsica and Sardinia

In summer, CORSICA linea innovates and offers Corsican residents to discover Sardinia during a spring break of a few days.

In the spring of 2020, CORSICA linea renews its crossings to Sardinia! You can embark early in the morning on the Jean Nicoli from the port of Ajaccio and disembark at Porto Torres, located north of Sardinia, around noon.
You will thus be able to benefit fully from your first day.
A unique opportunity to be charmed by the island Sardinia: the Costa Smeralda, the lunar plains of Gallura, the streets and ramparts of Alghero and Castelsardo ...

Travel aboard the Jean Nicoli

You will travel aboard the Jean Nicoli, our ship dedicated to the crossings between Sardinia and Corsica. Swimming pool, shop, solarium, on CORSICA linea ships, you are already on vacation.

Jean Nicoli

Access to CORSICA linea boats

You have your ticket and want to know the conditions of access to ports, go to our pages dedicated to ports served to view plans and useful information.

The port of Porto Torres The port of Ajaccio

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