A holiday thanks to the Spot rate

Enjoy the mildness of the Tunisian off-season at the SPOT rate!

To allow you to take advantage of the mild temperatures of the off-season in Tunisia, CORSICA linea is relaunching the SPOT rate, an advantageous price for your stay!

Prepare now for travel to Tunis from Marseille with CORSICA linea

Limited number of places, 


The +:

  • Crossings on the Marseille - Tunis - Marseille lines
  • Travel aboard our ships Danielle Casanova and Jean Nicoli, designed to ensure long crossings



Conditions of the offer:

Available as a one-way or round trip

• Valid from a passenger with or without a vehicle

• Full payment within 24 hours

• Available in a limited number of places

• Not salable on the day of departure

• Height supplement applicable if the loading on the roof of the vehicle causes the total height (veh + loading) to exceed 1.90 m

• Length supplement applicable for any addition to the rear of the vehicle modifying the length of the vehicle (up to 1m maximum) 

• Unchangeable

• Non refundable

Spot rate