Embark last, disembark first !

Land among the first !

For passengers who want to save time before and after their journey, CORSICA linea launches its DISEMBARKATION PRIORITY offer !

This offer, worth € 25 per crossing only, is accessible on all routes provided by CORSICA linea between Marseille and the port of Tunis, in both directions.

Saut de paragraphe

The +:

  • A last-minute boarding: you present your vehicle only 45 minutes before departure
  • A priority disembarkation, among the first  vehicles, at the exit of the ship
  • Offer working between Marseille and the port of Tunis for every cruises


Conditions of the offer:

  • Offer available on CORSICA linea crossings. Last minute boarding made in the port of Marseille for cruises going to Tunis only (only available for trips from France to Tunisia).
  •  The vehicle of the beneficiaries will be parked aboard the ship to be part of the first vehicles to leave the boat.
  • Offer limited  per crossing, depending on every ship capacity : 16 places for Vizzavona ; 16 places for Danielle Casanova ; 20 places for Méditerranée. 
  • Only vehicles of type tourism without hitch are eligible to the offer.