Practical info

Corsica Linea will grant you the best services during your trip from the embarkation till the disembarkation to take profit of your holidays. Enjoy and Relax with Corsica Linea !

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Clients have to chek-in at least 2 hours before departure in order to get the best of our services. If you will arrive before don’t worry port areas will welcome you.

Formalités de contrôle

Formalities Control

To get your on board card you will have to show identity papers of all passengers, travel tickets and when needed, evidence of fare reductions.
Formalities are compulsory to get on board access and cabin access codes.
Could you please keep your on board access car with you during the crossing.
When check in don’t hesitate to ask for any kind of request.
SNCM’s Company staff will be very pleased to inform you.

Votre installation

On Board facilities

You will get your pre booked installation on board after check in formalities. If you did order non exclusive cabin or a seat, if you travel with your family or with a group you will have to check in quite in advance. Then and when possible we would be able to gather you.
You want to have a better installation ?
When you will embark please go straight to Information desk. On board Company staff will be pleased to try to find a better solution depending on availabilities after departure time.



Embarkation start at least 1 hour before departure ( except special cases ).
We need to respect timing in order not to disturb embarkation operations.
For security reasons and because of the space on board we need to park the cars very tight.
When you will embark please inform if you have any handicaps or difficulties. In that case Company staff will help you or advise you.
If you are a foot passenger, show your boarding pass to the on board Company staff that will show you where to reach your installation.


When your car is parked please make sure to take with you all your personal belongings you will need during the trip. Indeed, except force majeure case, you won’t be authorised to reach your car during the crossing.
Take care of:
- Tighten your car handbrake
- Select a gear and ensure your lights are switched off during the crossing
- Deactivate your car alarm as it could be triggered while sailing
- Ensure your car and valuables are locked.
- Please note your car emplacement in order to find it easily.



A nurse will welcome you on board.
Please ask Information desk.
Are you pregnant ? Embarkation is possible when you don’t have more then 7 months pregnancy. In any case you will have to show Company staff a medical certificate confirming you are able to travel.



If you travel as a foot passenger you will find on board luggage facilities.
Please indentify ( your name and first name ) each of your luggage.


Objets trouvés

When Company staff will find some lost properties on board they will deposit and registered them to our office.
You can ask this office:



Lost and found properties
BP 61963
13226 Marseille Cedex 02
04 91 56 38 28