Access to ports : Porto-Vecchio

Access to the port

The port is based in the South of the town, near the marina. The cargo port is accessible from the city center. Beware of the traffic jams!

GPS coordinates
Lat. 41.587193 / Long. 9.289504
13.8948 N 41° 35' 13'' / E 9°17'22''

Port of Porto-Vecchio

Coming from Bastia and Corte

On the N198, follow “centre ville”. At the roundabouts, head in the direction of “Ports” and continue on the D368. After the marina, go the left. Follow the road until the end of the docks.

Coming from Bonifacio and Ajaccio

On the N198 follow “centre ville” and “Ports”. Continue on the road  keeping to the right. Once arrived at the marina, turn to the right. Follow the littoral until the end of the docks.